A couple of questions.

A couple of questions. First, when I get ready to run a job, the screen goes blank. It happens when I connect to my K40. The job still runs but I have to close LW4 if I want to modify the file size or anything.
Second question. When I bring an SVG file from Inkscape I always have to adjust the size in LW4. I’m not able to cut exactly the size I built in Inkscape.
Any Ideas?

Please open chrome dev tools (F12 or ctrl+shift+i) and paste us the console errors on github.

I’m not running LW4 out of Chrome.
This image is just before I connect to my K40

Only chrome is the official browser for LW. Any other browsers are not tested, sorry.

I’m not sure I understand. I thought LW4 was a stand alone app. How do I run LW4 in Chrome?

Sorry, the screenshot you sent made me think you were running on IE, my fault.

In LW desktop app, on about, you can show the dev tools to report the errors instead.

Is this what you need?

Thanks @bbowley2 ​, that is, but there’s not abnormal behaviour logged. Please raise an issue on github to proper debug. Thanks!

will do

Fixed the problem. Installed LaserWeb-v4.0.990b-115-x86.exe
I had LaserWeb-v4.0.990b-115-x64.exe


It started doing it again.