A couple of pics.

A couple of pics. Mounting the X-Y steppers below in the electronics area will allow open ended belts to be used. Also a pic of the Kraken carriage. Still not happy with it.

So this is something I can use my over-sized can of Rem Oil for :wink:

By the looks of it that is a ingentis with belts for the x/y. Is that correct?

@Ethan_Hall I started out building an Ingentis and switched over to the belt drive. I am sure it will change even more by the time it starts printing.

Honestly, those belt-drive ends could be much better too. Someone just slapped large rectangular cubes onto the ends and called it a day. I feel like we could get a better rod clamping system and belt attachment if someone had the time to work on them.

@Tim_Rastall posted some he drew up, but I haven’t had time to look at them yet.

Did you post the files for these anywhere?