A confession.. I broke lw.comm-server

Apologies folks, especially @cprezzi , the PR that I comitted last week contained a really silly error that breaks the ‘send ctrl-X on reset’ feature in many cases.

I’m a bit annoyed with myself, bit of a dumb mistake and I really should have spotted it; I test and dogfood all the stuff I do.

Anyway; I’ve beaten myself with a stick and I’ve put a new PR out with a fix.

It also fixes two issues I uncovered which can crash the server on bad inputs. And I also got the last of the major dependencies, websocket, updated and tested with a supported version now.

This means that lw.comm-server now has current (eg better supported) versions on all it’s dependencies. And has been tested on Node16, which was my goal for the work I did on it over the holidays.


I’m happy that you are actively working on LW4.


Ok, the master version on Github now has the fix, thank you to @cprezzi for merging that in, and catching the missing io dependency too :slight_smile:

I’ve also been banging away at Laserweb itself you can see what I’ve been doing on my preview page, there is a overview of what I’ve done and a link to the online demo. Which is fully operational and maybe worth checking out.
I’m plotting how to get this released, I need to re-base and test all the other builds (docker, electron, etc) first. I’ll start a new thread to discuss that when ready.


Very cool, I love your optimizations!