A Axis Just to up-date,

A Axis
Just to up-date, I now have a axis running thanks to @Jim_Fong
Tested and run for first time on LW4 and all looks good once I get my head around how it all works and get some good position and results I need.

My Axis is made from a sliding bearing block which I have removed the slider bearing and installed a roller bearings in both ends.
Small 45mm 3 jaw 12x.1 threaded chuck mounted on 12mm shaft.
Currently mounted on 12mm acrylic sheet with magnets inserted on the bottom to hold it in place.
I need to set up a 4 pin connector and sheath the cables now and then get my Z axis and bed sorted.
#K40AAxis #K40rotarydevice

I have been watching this evolution with interest and this is on my list to add to my K40.
Has anyone pulled together one contiguous set of:
…Mechanical drawings and parts list
…Wiring diagrams for Smoothie and C3D
…Smoothie configuration changes
…LW configuration
…Test file

I would be happy to help do that if we are at that point since I will want to do that for mine?

@donkjr I will pull together a parts list and a drawing for mine and can post it in to the K40 G+
Just setting up a LW test file so I can get accurate measurements maintaining correct circumference.
If I pull together anything else then will post it.

@E_Caswell Sweet!


I want to make a low profile rotary similar to what Epilog sells. Something like this one. I think I have all the parts in my junk bin to make one.

I did one but k40 has no depth enough , at least for my build. @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ​ got one of these

Yup and it seemed to work.

Gplus submachinegun

Don’t know why it does that

@donkjr As discussed above, thread posted on the K40 with the drawings.
I have made some changes so will up-date the drawing over the next few days hopefully.
check this thread out.


@E_Caswell @Jim_Fong …very nice thanks for info the community appreciates your work.