7h7 reprinter with Smoothie - can't load gcode

I bought used 7h7 reprinter with Smoothie inside. Printer starts normally, I can scroll gcodes but when clicking any nothing happens. How can I diagnose problem?

Can we get pictures ( or a video ) of the machine, board ( running ), wiring and screen ? Thanks !

Second and third LED from left flashes same time.

Ok I repaired encoder in that 12864 LCD. Don’t know how to print. If I set Z0 to safe distance from bed and run gcode - it hits bed anyway.

What does M114 say ? What does the beginning of the Gcode file look like ( you can use pastebin ) ?

ok C: X:100.0000 Y:100.0000 Z:126.0000 E:0.0000

X_min:0 Y_min:0 Z_min:0 pins- (X)P1.24:0 (Y)P1.26:0 (Z)P1.28:100:

Z endstop is hall sensor. Trying to use Pronterface to check out things. Getting driver error code 43 in Device Manager. Error occurs when I tried print via Pronterface (printer doesn’t move). It connects normally after Win restart and I can manually move axes.

That doesn’t help me at all without knowing what your gcode looks like.

Here is example:

Movement only: https://pastebin.com/6q11qQcv
extruder hits table

this is MKS sbase v.13 board

config file: https://pastebin.com/bi5JZnfU

I see endstops are not used:
#gamma_limit_enable false

how to check if everything is connected right?
previous user claims it worked but extruder hits table when “doing home all axes”

What I want to do: set Z position manually and start printing.

I moved bed to bottom position and changed gamma_max_travel from 450mm to 50mm to see what happens. Started “movemnt only” gcode and printer first move this 50mm and stops showing “HALTED Reset or M999”.

SENT: M105
READ: ERROR: Homing cycle failed - check the max_travel settings

Hall sensor connected to Gamma_min works. Gcode “movement only” makes excesive vibration. More tests to come…

I could print test cube from Thingiverse. I have to manually add gcodes to move bed down and turn off printer if possible on Smoothie after finnishing. Can you advice?

I’m sorry you are really not making it very clear what the exact problem is ( or for some reason I’m not getting the gist of what you are trying to communicate ). Maybe try explaining again from the very beginning, keeping things only to the main issue you are having. Probably a video would help too.

As I wrote problem with Z axis and endstop was solved. Questions left:

  1. Can I add and which gcodes to move bed down and turn printer off after end of printing?
  2. I need new extruder for 3mm filament for large prints 1mm nozzle. Which to choose from Aliexpress and which voltage - 12V or 24V?

I didn’t do anything just turned on printer and 12864 LCD beeps continuously. Why?

Edit: I copied again firmware.bin but there are two 67KB and 378KB. Only bigger works. Now printer boots and no beep sound.