7h7 reprinter with Smoothie - can't load gcode

I bought used 7h7 reprinter with Smoothie inside. Printer starts normally, I can scroll gcodes but when clicking any nothing happens. How can I diagnose problem?

Can we get pictures ( or a video ) of the machine, board ( running ), wiring and screen ? Thanks !

Second and third LED from left flashes same time.

Ok I repaired encoder in that 12864 LCD. Don’t know how to print. If I set Z0 to safe distance from bed and run gcode - it hits bed anyway.

What does M114 say ? What does the beginning of the Gcode file look like ( you can use pastebin ) ?

ok C: X:100.0000 Y:100.0000 Z:126.0000 E:0.0000

X_min:0 Y_min:0 Z_min:0 pins- (X)P1.24:0 (Y)P1.26:0 (Z)P1.28:100:

Z endstop is hall sensor. Trying to use Pronterface to check out things. Getting driver error code 43 in Device Manager. Error occurs when I tried print via Pronterface (printer doesn’t move). It connects normally after Win restart and I can manually move axes.

That doesn’t help me at all without knowing what your gcode looks like.

Here is example:

Movement only: https://pastebin.com/6q11qQcv
extruder hits table

this is MKS sbase v.13 board

config file: https://pastebin.com/bi5JZnfU

I see endstops are not used:
#gamma_limit_enable false

how to check if everything is connected right?
previous user claims it worked but extruder hits table when “doing home all axes”

What I want to do: set Z position manually and start printing.

I moved bed to bottom position and changed gamma_max_travel from 450mm to 50mm to see what happens. Started “movemnt only” gcode and printer first move this 50mm and stops showing “HALTED Reset or M999”.

SENT: M105
READ: ERROR: Homing cycle failed - check the max_travel settings

Hall sensor connected to Gamma_min works. Gcode “movement only” makes excesive vibration. More tests to come…