7 hour print I'm feeling like its up and running reliably

7 hour print I’m feeling like its up and running reliably

I like that model. Props for the MtG swag in the background, too.

Don’t Jinx it, man! I feel like my printer is good for pretty much unlimited printing, then find the filament varies enough to fail the print.

So much mtg swag in my office…currently 1 of my 4 desks is full of cards

What is it?

@Eclsnowman http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:734380 gonna paint it

I didn’t realize that was Zim! I loved that show! (esp. Gir)

Oh wow, that looks like a nice print. You actually don’t live too far from me. Only about 1.5 hr away (I’m in San Diego). Could I interest you in printing V2 Eustathios parts for me? It’s all I am missing for my build. I can pay you if you so require it. :slight_smile:

@Gus_Montoya I can arrange printing you the parts if you want to supply material. My glass break just cracked though because of the force of my parts being stuck to it and then cooling