7 axis 3D printer

Hey guys, I need to synchronize 7 step motors for my 3D printer (3 axis for movements (XYZ) and 4 for the extruders (extruders can all work together at the same time for color mixing) ) but I saw smoothie can do 6 axis at once maximum. Is it possible to make the smoothieboard work with 7 axis. I use Serial communication and don’t have any software included in the smoothie in order to save the maximum amount of RAM. I also moved the bed heating process to another board and i don’t use any screen connected to the smoothie. Does someone know how to do to make the software working with 7 axis and does the RAM will support it with my configuration ?

@Arthur_Wolf is launching the smoothie v2 which will have a bus to extend to more, and will know whether there is any trick on the v1 in the meantime.

Ok thank you for your answer. I’m trying to push it to 7 axis but for now I haven’t got any positive result. I keep trying and will let you know if I suceed :wink: