6mm Ply Spinner made with LaserWeb4 CNC mode.

6mm Ply Spinner made with LaserWeb4 CNC mode.

Nifty. I don’t really understand the fascination people have with these fidget toys, but I guess as the old saying goes “idle hands do the devil’s work”.

I’m curious why the three outer holes have bearings in them too. Is that so you can spin it via the protrusions also?

I keep getting ‘an error occured, try again later’ when trying to play the video! :frowning:

Funny, I just stumbled across fidgets this week.
Another ecosystem of things you can build or buy just “cause you can”.

I modified one design for laser cutting and as part of my LW4 tool chain testing. Then I found quite a few in the 3D warehouse. I always forget to look there first.

I ordered these bearing to try. Apparently you have to take off the dust covers so they roll easy, they were cheap.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y the fidget needs some perimeter weight to spin better and from the videos I watched, yes folks use all of the bearing to do “tricks”.
I guess this is the modern version of the “yoyo” ?:).

@CescoAiel video ran ok for me…

Kids use them as toys and grown ups, well also as toys. The bearings look cool but i have used also nuts, in the end you can use whatever you want if its the same weight all 3

@donkjr those 608 are the one i have. You will need to remove the cover from the center one and also remove any lube that is has inside for it to really spin. Ive heard ceramic are way better

My oldest son has been asking me to help him make one of these so I ordered 8 bearings and as soon as they arrive we’re going to give it a try.

It works now… Same computer, same network… :o