60W replacement tube

So I need to replace the tube in my small laser as it did not survive the move to a new home. I fired it up for the first time today and had water pouring out onto the floor. Have researched a few tubes, but thought I would ask the general community if they have any favorite suppliers/tubes they would like to recommend. Please note that when I say 60W I mean a 55mm diameter, 1250mm long tube that outputs a nominal 60W with a peak output between 70W and 80W.

Bummer, no suggestions here have not gone to a 60 yet.

60W is my little guy, I have a large bed 130W (1200X900mm) that is my workhorse. Thinking of building a small dedicated rotary machine of around 40W to do just tumblers/glassware/yetis etc.

Just had to replace the PSU on the 130W, not looking forward to a tube replacement on that one (about $1800-$2000 for a tube)

I have heard that Cloudray is a reputable source.

I decided to go with an MCWLaser tube off amazon. I should have it in a couple of days. This is my backup machine, so not really worried too much about it. And I have a power meter, so I will measure the output, and if it doesn’t meet specs, I’ll do an amazon charge back.