56mm Spindle mount for an Openbuilds OX

I saw @Eclsnowman 's router mount on Youmagine, and was wondering if anyone had made a 56mm spindle mount for an Openbuilds OX Z axis (20X60 Vslot) My stripped a screw on my existing mount and am now looking for a replacement mount. I liked your design @Eclsnowman , but it is for an 80mm spindle. Someone on OB made a 53mm version, but I need a 56mm one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t just clean out and tap up one size?

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Give me a few critical dimensions, and I can get it modified. What height do you want it? Are there any other constraints, or mounting locations you want integrated?

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And that was my buddy Alex who made the 53mm version. I helped him with the mod of my original model.

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In a perfect world it would be 110mm in height, fitting a 56mm spindle, and mounted to 20X60 V slot.

This work?



Yes, and man is it nice looking. I am so impressed with that. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. :slight_smile:

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Going to try that, but the mount was not the best to start with.

Try a Helicoil?

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Would it be too much to ask to make it 57mm diameter instead of 56? I remeasured with a different set of calipers and it is actually a 57mm spindle.

No problem I can do that give me a little bit.


Files are in the Gdrive folder for the 57mm now.


You are da man! Thank you very much.

Glad to help. I like these quick designs. Keeps my cad skills fresh.

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I’m curious: What are the benefits of this one piece design over a set of separate clamps?

More surface area to lock in the spindle and keeps it better restrained when under side forces.

If it was metal I would say two clamps spread apart would be just at strong. But in plastic it helps to spread out the clamping force across a larger area.

That was the missing piece for me! I was reading it on my phone, where “Printed: PLA / PETG” wasn’t legible, let alone “…Openbuild T-Nut”, and I was wondering whether @funinthefalls had a 4-axis setup to cut the open hardware logo nicely, and the hardware to bore that long sleeve out of a solid chunk of AL stock. :blush:

Only have 3 axis setup right now on my OB Sphinx and OX machines, but the Sphinx will be getting a 4th axis soon.

You able to try printing it yet. Were there any interface issues?