5 Minutes free time.

5 Minutes free time. :slight_smile:

It’s not completely centered, but that’s the most useful file by now, thanks for posting, it’s great (sorry didn’t find the original post).

There it is :slight_smile: https://plus.google.com/114995491064499005334/posts/BUxxZwt1Jgw

Thank YOU ben crawford. :slight_smile:

Looks like a wider range than I have on mine. I don’t hit 4ma (where it begins to lase) until your 60% mark and then it’s at 20ma about where your 110% would be so couldn’t just rotate it to start 0 further clockwise. It doesn’t look like the machines have the same linear power scale.

mine starts lasering @about 10-15% of that scale. Sounds like there is something going wrong with yours)

I don’t even expect it to be an exact scale, this is just great for testing different materials and keep the results relatively constant.

I don’t think so. I expect it’s just different pots. Yours is likely a wider range than mine. I wouldn’t expect all the mfg use the same value pots for their power controls. Mine still runs thru the whole range of 0-24ish milliamps.

My 0 point is at around where the 90 is on this scale & 4mA is about where is says 100 here.10mA is somewhere around where the 0-10 on this pic.

I have even less range than all have stated lol I have a feeling it has to do alot with the internal trim pots of the power supplies due to over driving the tubes