5-axis CNC machine controlled with GrblHAL

Hello all

I am happy to present you today a new controller system in GrblGru.

GrblHAL is a further development of the original GRBL.
The special feature is a separation of the actual program from the hardware.
This allows an easier porting also on 32-bit hardware platforms.
The developer Terje Io has furthermore created a really impressive complete system around GrblHAL,
that e.g. also provides a parameter controlled web download of the current bin file.

GrblHAL offers a number of interesting features for the mill, such as a tool change system or the use of cubic splines.
But also for the lathe there are extensions like a backlash compensation or the radius mode.
Here is the link to more detailed information: Home · grblHAL/core Wiki · GitHub.

I have now implemented the corresponding interface, so that you can run first tests with GrblGru.
In this context I would like to point out the possibility of the extended macro creation.
With it all new G- and M-codes can be tried out now.

On hardware I was able to put a 32-bit Arduino DUE into operation.
The short video shows the necessary steps from downloading the bin file to flashing and then starting it in GrblGru.

Have fun with it :slight_smile: