40w eBay diode laser lens ,

Hey guys I am very new to this laser engraver thing , I got my self a eday 40w laser engraver head DL+FAC+C lens
When I got it it had a crack on it ( seller is not answering my mails )
Does any of you guys know what’s the lens diameter and other specs should be for this , it’s in a 16x50 housing, I don’t wanna take the lens out to measure it’s might come out in half’s , it’s kinda works but I am sure it’s not working 100% as I don’t get a dot .
Tryed google the number but no luck

Welcome to the board.

I have a similar animal, mine works fine. I’m afraid that most replacement lens vendors need those measurements so you’ll eventually have to take it apart. I’m sure it it’s cracked you are loosing something and if you can’t make a good dot your results will be unexpected.

Make sure you notify ebay of the issue. The only way to get those people off there is to let other know of their ‘treachery.’

Good luck, keep us informed… Take care