4 axis and 4 stepper motor configuration

Hi all,

I’m a newbie in CNC construction and I going to create a dispensing robot. I create the concept of the machine - It moves as I need - except the 4th axis… all four axes must have endstops. my prototype works on Marlin firmware (with all restrictions - only three min endstps) - but I’m going to move to 32-bit core and thinking about Smoothieware firmware and asking for your help - where I could find an example of the config file for four axes with own endstops?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried just setting delta_min_endstop and delta_max_endstop just like the alpha, beta, and gamma axes? I see no axis limitations in the endstops module.

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Please read http://smoothieware.org/6axis it has all the informations you need.


привет, получилось скомпилировать прошивку и добавить оси?

Would you mind writing in english please? It would make it much more likely others will understand your question.

sorry, i wrote igorlab, thank you)