3DR is released! Find out more on the Blog post - All files now

(Richard Horne) #1

3DR is released! Find out more on the Blog post - All files now up on Github. Enjoy. Rich.

(Nicolas Arias) #2

niiice!, thanks!.

Now, to do some mods in order to use regular square tubes (no openbeam or any kind of alu extrusion down here, argentina).

(Richard Horne) #3

@Nicolas_Arias let me know if you run into any issues, I am planning to build one with Bamboo tubes at some point.

(Richard Horne) #4

Thanks @Gary_Hodgson your great githubiverse template saved the day for me. http://richrap.github.io/3DR-Delta-Printer/

(Nicolas Arias) #5

@Richard_Horne i will give it a try today. I have a few questions about the ball joints too, like size of the ball, traxxx is not available here, looks like there are other brands. I thing they might be the same stuff…

(Andrew Plumb) #6

Glad to see you’re keeping all the active electronics up and out of the “Drop Zone”. That’s been a long-standing pet peeve of mine re. the old (open source) MakerBot and similar printer designs. Bottom-mount electronics and/or PSU can be hazardous when playing with fluid- and paste-based extrusion tech.

(Nicolas Arias) #7

I had modified the top and bottom parts in order to be able to use a square 2x2x tube. Will print, measure and report back.

(Manuel Palacios) #8

Great!! Very possibly be the next printer I built.

(Thomas Sanladerer) #9

Great work as usual, so please excuse me if i start drooling all over.
@Richard_Horne could you give a ballpark figure of how much a set of vitamins would cost?

(Bartosz Barlowski) #10

Awesome. Richard do you think it would be possible to use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:112718 instead of belts on the 3DR ? I was wondering how near zero backlash would effect prints

(Nicolas Arias) #11

@Bartosz_Barlowski it doesnt use belts, it uses spectra lines

(Jeremy G (WeisTek Engineering)) #12

@Thomas_Sanladerer im drooling over the print now :slight_smile: and crying over the 7hr print time for one motor base :frowning: I’ll have to finish printing everything in 6 weeks when I get back stateside.

@Richard_Horne does as printerboard fit? I have an extra laying around.

(Richard Horne) #13

@Thomas_Sanladerer On the plus side, when you have it up and running, you will have a faster printer :slight_smile:

Should reduce time to well under 3 Hours.

Other electronics should fit, there is a lot of mounting points and quite a large area to put it in.

Good luck with the build.

(Nicolas Arias) #14

@Richard_Horne printing the 3rd bottom motor mount now.

Do you want me to send the skp to you? (square tube version).

Also, i noticed that i dont have any lm6uu, so, im going to start with printed ones while i wait for the real ones. HAve you tested the printer with printed bushings?, can you suggest any?

(Richard Gain) #15

That’s great news Richard. This will definitely be my first delta printer - really looking forward to building another one now. Please can you suggest a really good reason I can give to friends and family when they ask why I need three 3D printers? You must have far more than that by now!

(Richard Horne) #16

@Richard_Gain Great! let me know how you get on with the build.

" Just one more, and I’ll reuse the parts from that old one sat in the corner :)"

" this one is for (Tall/Big/Tiny) things"

" I can now move the other one to the shed"

" I need one just for printing ABS"

" the other two are always busy"

" this one prints much faster"

And my personal favorite and recent one for 3DR - " This one is so easy to use, even the kids can use it" - now I need to stop the kids from always using it!

3DR does not use up much desk space if that helps.