3D printing wood experiments:

3D printing wood experiments: iPhone case and patented in 1920 hand prosthesis.

Is this using that Laywood material?

Yes. The nice thing is that I just use my PLA profiles and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

Which supplier did you purchase the filament from?

Got it from https://grrf.de/ I think from Germany

Ok, thanks!

Can it be sanded more easily than PLA?

@Sean_Bires_Renzu compared to normal PLA it seems to handle sanding a lot better. The material is like wood but not really wood because its flexible also :slight_smile:

Does anyone know a US supplier for Laywood?

Matterhackers.com has it.


Be prepared to have your wallet cry out in pain. It’s $132/kg vs. $38/kg for regular PLA filament

I just saw it. Thanks for the link…

bummer they are currently out of stock on 1.75mm laywood:(

Cool! Is that iPhone case the one I customized? The parameters are the same at least :slight_smile: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:40768

I actually thought that next to the iPone case I could see a V-brake of a bicycle…

The Iphone case would look great in Aluminum.