"3D printing is the future of manufacturing [infographic]" might be a disguised ad but

(Luis E. Rodriguez) #1

“3D printing is the future of manufacturing [infographic]” might be a disguised ad but not bad for most people to grasp the major tenants of this movement.

(Jason Gullickson) #2

this is pretty good but what’s with the laser bouncing off the mirror in step 2?

(Gina Häußge) #3

Maybe they are trying to express SLS there? A bit misleading to only include the laser in the last step then though…

(David Cushing) #4

Hey my printer, the ‘Printxel’, has an article on that site. It’s about the
KickStarter I got it from. Nice.

(Kristof Deruyttere) #5

The size of the 3D-printer they’re showing it surely is SLS, look at the powder-bath the piece rests in. Never forget that we’re still growing in a niche-market of products and they are comparing it with the industrial mass-production system.

(Rifle Creek) #6

Kristof- can you give a short general list of these products, what would you label the niche-market as?

(Kristof Deruyttere) #7

I mean a small part of plastic parts in general. The current pieces we can print with home-printers are limited to the bed.
The accuracy & and finish are not determined by a steel cnc-precision-milled mold but by the piece resting on a bed.
The production quantity is limited to hourlong prints.
At this moment, the products we can print are no competition to those made industrially.
I hope that with this explanation you can understand my vision of us still being at the very beginning of a new ®evolution .