3D printing – is it for libraries? 3D printing can fit into library strategies.

3D printing – is it for libraries?

3D printing can fit into library strategies. They can make a library collection even more relevant and connect a wide variety of users to their own success scenario and pathway.

Sounds like bullshit bingo.
What’s the actual, practical use case for someone visiting a library?
Presumably with the intent to borrow or read a book.

Ive been working with several local libraries to bring hacker/makerspace-type technology to libraries in the area.

At first it seemed like an odd fit to me too but if you look at the need public libraries were designed to serve, especially in less urban areas, it actually fits with the mission of knowledge sharing and education beyond primary schools.

This idea makes total sense to me. People questioned coin operated copiers when they were first installed in libraries yet they enjoyed steady use for 30+ years…and made money for the libraries that installed them.

I, too, support this library/hacker/makerspace movement.

I haven’t seen a photocopier in any public library.
Only in university libraries.
I guess the role of a public library is different on our continents.
All the ones I’ve seen are small and carry just a selection of general childrens books and basic works about different topics.
Nothing in-depth. Usually not well funded nor staffed.

Ah yes @Marcus_Wolschon , in the U.S. public libraries are relatively large and well-equipped (relative to their location, but the ratio of city size:library size is fairly constant). Most public libraries here have a large selection of printed books as well as other media (audio, video, periodicals, etc.) and many have public access computer terminals, audio/video listening stations, etc.

Makes sense, given that universities aren’t free in your country and I guess the libraries of them are not for public access either.

Yeah don’t get me started on that @Marcus_Wolschon :slight_smile:

Locally, here in Orlando, FL our hackerspace is also helping the local libraries bring facilities that are typically in a hackerspace to libraries as well. One of the libraries just recently got a $1 million grant for the project, and we’re a large part of it.

@Marcus_Wolschon aehm - universities aren’t totally free here neither … at least not in Bavaria. And i pay a shitload of money every month for the Montessori School. But i will sell all the other parents Makiboxes soon, so that will get better

@Nils_Hitze that 500eur thing isn’t anywhere near what an it costs in the US I guess. Do we already have that in all states? I thought some states still didn’t.
Well, at least I didn’t pay for my university. :wink:

It’s a better use of library money than 20 DVD copies of Harry Potter.