3D printing and space exploration? Yep.

3D printing and space exploration? Yep.

i so can’t see his face anymore

Me neither. That guy becomes less and less popular. Sigh.

I, especially as Community Manager and someone with a perfect Social Emulation Layer, should totally not feel that way (or at least talk about it). And i know it’s not his fault but Media who is doing bad research …

@Nils_Hitze If you’re implying I’m doing bad research, let me know what about that post was bad since it was a fairly straightforward piece on one of their customers (I don’t think Pettis was lying either). I’m also open to talking to other 3D printer manufacturers as well, so if you want to suggest others as well, I’m open to hearing about them. Thanks…

@Michael_Wolf oh wow, sorry, didn’t meant to piss you off, didn’t actually even read the article (it’s in my Open Tab to Read Window) - i just meant in general: People say: 3d Printing -> Makerbot. People (Business Insider) have a “Best 3d Printer List” -> Makerbot … that’s not helping the Community imho.

As told: i don’t think it’s Bre’s “fault” - he is just a Poster Child and very energetic. Plus maybe looking good helps a bit :wink:

I would love to see more Interviews with @Diego_Porqueras_Deez , @Josef_Prusa , @Sally_Bowyer & her Husband, @Jonathan_Buford or @Brook_Drumm2

How long are you following 3D printing Michael? Do you know what happened few weeks before Open Hardware Support?

Damn autocorrect. Open Hardware Summit :slight_smile:

Not too long, but doing research now. Again - this piece wasn’t about the history of 3D printing, etc. It was about a quote from Bre which was factually true. If you’re talking about the Rep2 moving from being open to partially closed, I am aware about that and asked Pettis why they did it.

If there’s something else you’re referring to, let me know. Again, open to hearing and learning more. Thanks…

ah now i found why i have such a problem with @bre_pettis : “When can i get a Printer for $ 500?”

And a good Community Player would now present @Makible #makibox or BukoBot or Printrbot, Solidoodle and Co. Because for example: #makibox is a $ 200 3d Printer Kit. Would make that $ 350 assembled / tested imho

@Nils_Hitze Thanks Nils. I will check those out. And if I talk to Bre again, I’ll ask him about those :slight_smile:

@Michael_Wolf i would love to hear his reaction about the Makibox … (i am their Community Manager btw, so i am a tiny bit biased)

Andrew Greenberg from Forbes was about to interview me about the issue, unfortunately Sandy came and the interview never happened.

Please read one of my posts about the issue http://josefprusa.cz/open-hardware-meaning/ so you can inhale the feeling the community has.

And generally Bre is trying to present Makerbot as innovators, which isnt true. The thing is, the Open Source 3D Printing community doesn’t have anything like a spokesperson and media blindly believe and parrot bold statements Bre makes.

And the community isn’t small, reputable sources estimate 50k+ RepRaps :wink: Makerbot will never have as many printers in the wild.

Bre used to be my friend, believe it or not :wink:

When you have any questions about the 3D printing and Open Hardware, feel free to contact me.

Thanks Josef for clarification, appreciate it. I will ping you in near future if you are open to it.

Anytime :wink:

@Nils_Hitze oh - just saw your earlier post. I hope I didn’t come across as pissed - I’m not at all. I love a good discussion and I am, admittedly, learning. I also kind of barged in here and started posting, so my apologies.

I am going to catch up with Josef and also look at talking to some other 3D printer makers. Thanks everyone for your insights.

“…or BukoBot or Printrbot, Solidoodle and Co…” Solidoodle isn’t open either. I was pissed that @MAKE1 got that wrong in their special issue.

@Whosa_whatsis ah it isn’t? Good to know, i always assumed they where. Thx