3D printers on sale in Akihabara,

(Chris Lane) #1

3D printers on sale in Akihabara, Japan

(Patrick Depoix) #2

132 000 yen or 965 euro it’s not very expensive, not? LOl!

(Troy Baverstock) #3

I’ve been looking for a sub 1000$ printer in Australia to fill the gap till/if the rigidbot arrives. My course is entriely focussed on 3D printing and Ive just had to give up the one I was borrowing. Anyone heard anything about these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3D-printer-dual-extruder-New-Extruder-Dual-nozzle-W-Abs-or-Pla-Spools-/331314636973?pt=AU_PRINTERS&hash=item4d23e428ad&_uhb=1

(Patrick Depoix) #4

@Troy_Baverstock Desoled but in France it’s prohibited to obtain this page! Weird!