3D printer rc excavator bucket.

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #1

3D printer rc excavator bucket. Getting ready for summer lol

(Chevrolet Diesel Nation) #2

Or winter snow

(Kevin Danger Powers) #3

Damn, that came out looking great!

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #4

@Kevin_Danger_Powers @Kevin_Danger_Powers thanks a lot first try to :+1:t4:

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #5

@Chevrolet_Diesel_Nat @Chevrolet_Diesel_Nat definitely gonna make a plow lol :pray:t5:

(Anders Jackson) #6

@Chevrolet_Diesel_Nat the excavations buckets are usually to small for efficiently doing snow.

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #7

@Anders_Jackson this is true, you think a modified plow attachment would work on a excavator?

(Kevin Danger Powers) #8

@Anders_Jackson couldn’t you just make a bigger bucket? Snow would be lighter and easier to dig though than sand so a bigger bucket wouldn’t necessarily mean more stress on the excavator. Just a thought.

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #9

@Kevin_Danger_Powers sounds pretty sound to me, only one way to find out rite? Lol I’m gonna give it a shot

(Kevin Danger Powers) #10

@D.I.Y_Rc_Creations_A sweet. Posts a video if you can.

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #11

@Kevin_Danger_Powers sure :+1:t4:

(Anders Jackson) #12

Yes, you can have a bigger volume, more like they have when they model gardens. Widen and huge volume.

But actually, a ordinary tractor is usually faster, unless you are going to move out snow with trucks.

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #13

@Anders_Jackson not sure just concept ideas. Ideally I’d like to move snow with a few trucks but we shall see. Thanks for stopping by :metal:t5:

(Anders Jackson) #14

Use Youtube or Google to find some ideas.
Good work any way.

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #15

@Anders_Jackson thank you sir will do

(Kevin Danger Powers) #16

@D.I.Y_Rc_Creations_A if you’re looking for a place to show off some of your RC stuff, I started a group over at MeWe if you’re interested. Figured I’d jump on it since G+ is shutting down. We don’t have very many members yet but the more stuff we post, the more it’ll grow.

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #17

@Kevin_Danger_Powers absolutely I’m in thanks a lot :+1:t4:

(Kevin Danger Powers) #18

@D.I.Y_Rc_Creations_A no problem. I started a 3D printing one as well if you’re interested. I tried to get Thantik to move everyone over to MeWe but he’s dead set against it because you can’t find posts by performing a Google search. I wish he’d reconsider though because it’s better than nothing. Oh well I guess.

(D.I.Y Rc Creations And Adventures) #19

@Kevin_Danger_Powers it’ll all get figured out I’m sure :+1:t4:

(Kevin Danger Powers) #20

@D.I.Y_Rc_Creations_A well I’ve talked to him about it and he basically said that we’re just going to use redit. Personally I’m not a big fan of it. There is just so much knowledge in this group that it would be a shame to just let it fall apart. But you can’t make him do it and he won’t let me advertise my MeWe group. He said he’ll ban me which is stupid because the group is shutting down anyway. But that’s his decision.