3D printed water flow adaptor

I made a barbed adapter and some pipe bend savers I thought I’d share :


Alot of us have also added a flow switch that shuts down the lps when there is a flow fault.

Great - do you have any recommendations ?

Here is one that is used frequently and has a lot of documentation on the web available.

YF-S201 Flowswitch

Here is an example that I came up with;

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My setup is here…https://donsthings.blogspot.com/search/label/K40%20Cooling

I use a LO flow switch but I see it is currently not available on amazon. Often they go out of stock and then reappear.

It’s here though: https://www.lightobject.com/Water-Tubing-sensor/Water-flow-pressure-sensor-Ideal-for-CO2-laser-water-protection

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Great - thanks - I’ll look into something like that too.