3d printed small lighthouse.

3d printed small lighthouse. 0.2mm layer height with a 3mm Stick Filament (Wood Pulp).

Could you tell us more? What filament? Got a link? What extruder? Printing with wood pulp and plant fibers has great potential in my opinion. Some sap could probably be used for the binding agent.

That looks nice. How tall is that?

Hi, Nathaniel. In DesignforCraft (my lab) we were never satisfied with filaments containing wood powder: not so easy to print and to finish.
So we’ve decided to work, with our Stick Filaments, to obtain a material that can easily be printed and, then, finished with the typical tools of the wood. In this picture we’re proud to show you one of the first prints that we achieved with our new Stick Filament containing wood pulp. The result is an object of similar appearance to wood but with the resistance of the plastic! The printing process does not require special devices. The printed object can be sanded, painted and polished as with any wooden material. Finally, we use 40% of wood pulp on this filament, other suppliers use lower percentage… Nice!
You can find Wood Pulp filament here: http://WWW.STICKFILAMENT.COM.
PS: Marc, the lighthouse is 10cm tall

As soon as the 1.75mm is on sale I will be getting some I think.