3d Printed Robotic Hand?

3d Printed Robotic Hand? Jupp!

Originally shared by Chris Chappell

The Kickstarter is alive!! It’s alive!!!
Let’s make the future happen!

Uh… Have these guys not heard of the InMoov? We’ve already got access to everything from Hands, to Bicep, to Shoulder, Head (including mouth, neck, eyes)…

I think the usecases are different, theirs is for prosthetics

Yep heard of InMoov, chatted with the guy behind it several times. The main difference is that we’re more focused on refining the hand and arm. We are also investigating more varied control methods such as EEG. All with the eventual aim of creating a low cost prosthesis.

We’re also open on a number of fronts. Electronics are off the shelf. Software source code will be available. Parts of the design will be available so that compatible customised fingers can be made.

@Chris_Chappell Awesome! Thanks for clarifying your goals. Maybe you could put that in your kickstarter as well, for people who know about the InMoov project but wonder how your goals differ?

9 pound, we’ve gotta do something