3D Printed Medical Face Shields


Now NIH-approved:


Lots of discussion about printing these frames at Laser Cut Medical Face Shield starting from the idea of laser-cutting transparencies, since they can also be laser cut.

The 3dverkstan / faceshield.nu masks are set up for A4 or US Letter.

These take about 15g of plastic to print and print quickly, and they are what I’m using as a face shield. Much less plastic than the Prusa version. Cheaper and faster to print. Easy to don and doff.

One of the better transparencies for face shields is this:



But that’s not the 8.5x11" size that the punch guide was designed for, it’s the 1/4" oversized covers 8.75x11.25". It has two rounded corners on each sheet, perfect for the side that is near you neck, and it’s clearer than typical transparencies.

The spacer block that is provided with the 3dverstan files is 1/2" wide, which when used with a 3-hole punch set up to put standard US letter paper in and punched twice puts the holes an inch apart to fit the mounting lugs on a frame exactly. However, it’s not the right size of the oversized transparencies. For that, shrink the part to 75% in the 1/2" dimension (Y as it comes in the STL) which will make it 3/8" wide instead of 1/2". Then punch the transparencies using the smaller block.

I printed a 1/2" spacer for normal transparencies in one color, and a 3/8" spacer for the oversized transparencies in another, to make it easy to use the right one for the job and not waste transparency sheets.

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