3d printed meat via biopsy....

3d printed meat via biopsy…http://modernmeadow.com


Had so many people at #cebit who said they wouldn’t eat printed meat. Told them that they eat at MC D and they quality would be the same.

Yep, chicken McNuggets are basically extruded shapes that come from ground up chicken paste.

Yep. I don’t eat from those fast food hells and I only eat chicken, bacon and various steaks. You are what you eat has never been more true.

Future OH: “Yes, but is it really cannibalism? I know it technically came from a fellow human, but…”

@Andrew_Plumb Haha, creepy thought.

wow, this really isn’t far from the truth

Trying not to be striving backwards but… Judging by the picture it looks easier to just eat the peace that initially came out of the pig…

The CEO of Modern Meadow, a company at the forefront of 3D meat production, recently did an AMA on Reddit. His answers to the questions were very honest, straightforward, and with a minimum amount of spin: http://www.reddit.com/r/tabled/comments/19aybu/table_iama_im_andras_forgacs_ceo_of_modern_meadow/

Also, the really big selling point of 3D printed meat production is that it greatly reduces the resources required in traditional meat production (water, grain, space, etc.) and essentially eliminates any animal suffering.

very cool :smiley:

@Bjorn_Ringholm they use the original biopsy to then grow meat cells in a culture. So that one prick could spawn thousands of pounds of protein material.

I should have looked closer at the image before leaving the comment… In theory they should not need more than one biopsy to get going =)
There are obvious potential gains and risks involved. I am certainly not one of their projected initial customers who would pay a premium for a 3d printed steak. I believe their success might come when they can produce cheap meat in volume for the masses.

I would pay a premium for 3D printed steak that had tunnels in it for seasoning so that every square inch was fall-apart juicy.

You know what this is? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blob. This is how the meat eats you. insert trollface