3D printed in ABS, and then acetone smoothed.

3D printed in ABS, and then acetone smoothed. This is the kind of quality achievable with “hobby” printers and a little bit of post-work.


Great job!

That’s the spirit Anthony!

Wow, you’ve got some very nice prints on that Flickr. What layer height is this printed at? Are you doing a direct application of acetone, or using a vapor bath of some kind?

I really like that tower you have on there too. The surface detail is extremely impressive.

The hand on your photostream is breathtaking. Seriously.

Comment so I see if you explain the process.

@ThantiK may not know the exact process. That doesn’t appear to be his flickr account, and I think he was just posting to show what was possible, not trying to take credit for it.

I sent a message in flickr to the photo owner - we’ll see…and messaged his thingiverse account.

Yeah, sorry guys. Posted it on my way out the door. It’s not my flickr account. Just something I ran across. It was originally posted in http://blog.arcol.hu/?p=1996 - which @Whosa_whatsis posted about earlier. But it’s quite down the page and I wanted to make sure it got the attention it deserved.

Try acetone gassing guys [on the ABS…not yourself…]

so interesting

Ah, details… They’re important. Oops.

But I second the acetone gassing (I call it an acetone vapor bath, but same idea). That’s probably how this one was smoothed, and gives impressive results even from a hacked together solution.

Very impressive ! Though I really wish there was something similar for PLA based prints.

QNlaca responded in flickr at the photo location above:
“Was printed with an http://arcol.hu hotend v4, a hyena hobbed bolt, with 3mm
ABS filament,
on a self-designed 3D printer using Netfabb software for slicing.
It was featured in this article (yay!):
If you guys are curious about the postprocessing,
then let me know in the comments!
If I gather enough interests (20-30 people), then I bite the bullet,
and do an article about the process.

I think that’s a generous offer. Send everybody to the photo link to comment on their interest in a postprocessing demo!

@Stephen_Baird QNLaca also posted more photos of the tower you liked…