3D printed holder for foam cutting wand.

(Andrew Spurgeon) #1

3D printed holder for foam cutting wand. Now my ShapeOko is a CNC foam cutter and Laser cutter too. Next I’m going to try making it a very large multi coloured plotter

(Elie Héloua) #2

Cool ! What is type of laser (CO2 or Diode) ?

(Dave Durant) #3

Is the cutter battery-powered?

(Josh Rhodes) #4

My ultimate goal… a cnc with all the tools that automatically changes between them.

Then making a clever enough CAM to automate all of it…

(Andrew Spurgeon) #5

@Elie_Heloua 2w laser, anything CO2 and the laser tube too fragile to move around

(Andrew Spurgeon) #6

@Dave_Durant uses a 6v adapter

(Andrew Spurgeon) #7

For those interested, the cutter: http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6842790081.html?orderId=68705077273838

(Matt Kasdorf) #8

Thanks for the link, I had no idea these even existed.