3D printed fractal vase at 150 mm/s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDZwzubQ4Xg

3D printed fractal vase at 150 mm/s

need fix better fan :smiley:

ps macro photo when finish :smiley:

That’s so quiet :-o … you hear when the nozzle catches the print at some point, that’s all …


  1. You can find the BOM as an annex document from the following Onshape drawing (need to open a free account):
    You can probably have someone with a printer print the component for you.
  2. The material for the bar is carbon (but alu works almost just as well). The cord is Dyneema 1mm diameter (you can use also Spectra). It costs 0.5€ per meter in a local shop for maritime equipment (rope and fishing stuff).

Hi @Goran_Z_Losic … Sorry for not coming back to you earlier. I’m currently doing an MBA and my time is sparse. You can export the model in STL from Onshape (look for online help ad/or tutorial, it very well documented). Also, if you’re a beginner in 3D printing, my advice would be to start with simpler things to make yourself more at ease with the intricacies of it and then move later to the harder stuff…

OK, very clear… I was tricked by slow internet connection & Cloud stuff … needed to wait more than 6 seconds for dialog to appear when exporting (I thought there was nothing there, sorry) … Thanks