3D printed bracket for QR... I heard there was vitamins, protein for 3D printer.

(Michaël Memeteau) #1

3D printed bracket for QR… I heard there was vitamins, protein for 3D printer. Will it be rigid enough? No Viagra?

(Daniel F) #2

For sure it will be rigid enough, I printed @Eclsnowman s eustathios spider v2 motor mounts (in ABS) and they are quite rigid with a sleeker design. I think you are on the save side.

(Mike Miller) #3

It’ll be peachy. The loads on 3dprinters area amazingly low.

(Michaël Memeteau) #4

Now that I hold the part in my hand, and compared to Eustathios, it’s waaaay over-designed and too beefy. Peachy is more for vegan :slight_smile:
Back to the drawing board!

(Michaël Memeteau) #5

It’s done. You can grab a copy here:
But I’m not sure it’s really adapted to the #shaulienki design as it is salient from both side of the stepper, so you can’t really put it in a corner. I also integrated a damping mat (2 mm) to get it more silent. I could modify it to be fit to purpose but then you would have to change the name #shaulienmiki:slight_smile: Or you can do it.

(Mike Miller) #6

It just occurred to me (I’m a little slow)…there’s no way to print this without support material…

(Michaël Memeteau) #7

Actually, it’s possible to print with very minimal support: you just need to tilt it 45º on the beam side…

(Michaël Memeteau) #8

Something like this: