3D printed "Blue Diamond Ring", high glossed with ULTRA~GLO.

(Ivan Hoe) #1

3D printed “Blue Diamond Ring”, high glossed with ULTRA~GLO.

A delightful gift for the special one.

(Lineman15 (JC)) #2

So how much is it to make a plastic diamond ring…and what is it you eventually want to produce?

(Ivan Hoe) #3

A better looking ring.

(Social Circle Gaming (Afearthenrut)) #4

Any issues with allergies related to these materials? Perhaps I should ask google scholar…

(Ivan Hoe) #5

@Social_Circle_Gaming ​​​, Yes you should & let us know your research. Thank you.

(Social Circle Gaming (Afearthenrut)) #6

@Ivan_Hoe It is too rare to make me care to continue… I mean, without hitting pay walls. That is from just glancing at a scholar and google search with just the keywords of plastic and allergies. Do continue if you wish. :slight_smile: