3D paintings

American designer Gabriel Schama carves stunning layered ornaments and panels from plywood, veneer, and other materials. The work is fascinating!

What do you think of the idea?

Maybe someone has a layout of similar 3D paintings?

I have a CNC wood router […], I want try to make the same on milling machine. Is it real?

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Those aren’t CNC carved.

@Oscar has posted quite a few bas relief height map images. Start by looking through his posts.

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Those were laser cut and stacked. You can do a more accurate cuts with a laser compared to a router bit.

I guess it is possible to do with a cnc but it would be much, much harder to do.

A parametric design would be much easier to do with a cnc and my opinion more appropriate to a router.

Good luck and hope you have a ton of fun learning.


Why not CNC? is laser cutting plywood in several layers.

true! it’s hard work

I still don’t think it would work (except for maybe a very simple version).

The router would be putting a lot of stress on those thin little pieces. The plywood would fail in my opinion in too many places based on grain orientation. It would be an interesting experiment though.

The laser doesn’t require any hold downs during the cutting meaning there is no stress on the wood other than it being vaporized.

Doesn’t mean a cnc router can’t do some cool things a laser can’t do (or not as well).

Note: Grey scale height map images are a form of cnc patterns. They can be converted into 3d geometry with different software. Blender3d is a free program that can be used for this.

You can’t do a sharp inside corner with a router. You are limited by the diameter of the bit.

Additionally, the edges show darkening from being cut with a laser.

That is clearly a set of laser-cut layers stacked together, as @Oscar pointed out.

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