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Ok, i don’t post anymore any link, I just say that now there is a reseller in Danmark as general information that might be useful to every body. But now somebody must explain my why my post was removed as spam. I found an info that was appropriate for a 3d printing forum, and that I’m pretty sure was perfectly acceptable when I posted on Google Plus. What made this info inappropriate for this forum?

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I saw that you initially put the #gplus tag on this post (I removed it) which is meant to indicate that the post was automatically imported from G+. We have tried to be super aggressive about removing anything that looks like spam from the import so that when new users show up here they see useful maker content. I didn’t delete your prior post, but if you had also tagged that one with #gplus it definitely made it more likely to be flagged as accidentally imported spam.

Unlike G+, we have titles here. Because posts display by title, not by initial content, titles really matter. So to make your post more useful and more obviously not spam or “astroturfing” maybe a title like “found a Danish 3d gloop supplier” or words to that effect would help people who would care find the information. That would be true whether they are doing a Google search or a site search.

Ok, got it. Sorry I didn’t get that tag #gplus has not to be used. I misinterpreted the meaning (something like “of interest for ex g-plus group…” but definetly was my interpretation). I will definetly take care of using more informative titles in the future.Still I have to get used to the change of format.

Caming back to original purpose of the post the supplier in Danmark is: in2motion.dk
Internet site is in Danish, but the guy can be contacted trough the facebook messanger (at least I contacted him this way).

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It wasn’t documented. Didn’t occur to us to do so. It’s just an explanation why we would end up with a bias in our interpretation. :slight_smile:

OK, I moved the explanation to the undeleted thread, and moved this to site help for clarity. Hope that’s useful.