3600 up and running. Still alot of work to fix it all.

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #1

3600 up and running. Still alot of work to fix it all.

(James Cronen) #2

Sweet! What microcontroller are you using?

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #3

@James_Cronen its an ESP 32

(Marc Miller) #4

I hope you show us more when it’s show time!

(Yves BAZIN) #5

Whoua I love it !!! As @marmil said can’t wait for the show

(Derrick Giscloux) #6

Hey, what tube do you use here, they seem very flexible?

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #7

@Derrick_Giscloux https://www.arestho.nl/metal-flex-transparante-zuigslang.html

these tubes

(Derrick Giscloux) #8

@Jeroen_van_Dorsten hey , what’s new on this? :hugs:

(Yves BAZIN) #9

@Derrick_Giscloux la nouvelle library jusque 22 output en parallel si tu oublies d’avoir un feedback with port serie https://github.com/hpwit/fastled2

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #10

@Derrick_Giscloux still not finished it because the club is very busy atm. and when working on the LEDs i’ll block the entrance, and that’s not allowed during day and noght unfortunatly.
16 and 17 october i’ll finish this project and finnaly move on to the next. when finished i’ll post video’s and pictures from start to finish.

(Derrick Giscloux) #11

@Jeroen_van_Dorsten Great project, let me us know when it’s finished. @Yves_BAZIN 22 parallel outputs ? Woh! Thanks for the news Yves! Does the 1st led still flash?