35mm pancake stepper for small actuators

Looking for a 4th alternative to the three options listed on the BOM for the small pancake steppers.

The aliexpress without gear is discontinued, would rather not grind off the gear on the other.
And just got my order from moons for the $25 dollar motor and they shipped me the wrong one.

Thought maybe I would try stepperonline, found this motor:


Can anyone advise me if it would work electrically? I can make the dimensional adjustments in the 3D print.

Thank you!

My worry with the 0.9 degree is that it will have way less torque because the coils inside the motor can’t be as big, thus you can’t drive as much current through it, but not totally sure.

These look like other ones I ordered and they aren’t quite as powerful as the one where you have to Dremel off the gear but they do work https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33018576605.html

You could also try a Nema 14, but since they are thicker, you’d have to redesign the shell to be longer, which isn’t super easy/fun in Fusion 360, but it runs at 1.2A so it’s way stronger than the pancake motors that run at 150mA. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000110145154.html

I have found that using a Dremel with a little grinder disc isn’t too bad to cut those gears off the stepper motor shafts.

John, glad I asked the question.

Have not used my Dremel for a while, think I’ll go that route.

Thank you!