3 Thermocouples?

(Jeshua Lacock_SW) #1

Is it possible to run three MAX31855 thermocouples on a smoothie board?

I will also need ability to set a pin high if a temperature is exceeded on any of the three thermocouple readings. Easy?

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

To use three thermocouples, you’ll need to have them all on the same SPI port, but with different CS pins.

For the pin thing, you might want to take a look at the TemperatureSwitch module in the documentation, see if that does what you want.

(Jeshua Lacock_SW) #3

Great thank you. Could you point me to a source showing how to wire up one (or more) thermocouples?

(Arthur Wolf) #4

The TemperatureControl documentation has a table : http://smoothieware.org/temperaturecontrol#toc7