3-Point leveling doesn't seem to do anything

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Smoothieware HELP:
I’ve been nearly a year with Smoothieware I have been probing the bed for the 3-point leveling scheme, but I do not believe that it is doing anything more than behaving as an end-stop. If I have the bed perfectly trammed then all is well, but if its off at all than I can only print on 1 part of the bed. I set the Z height to 0 and then move X and Y across the bed and I see no Z movement when I purposely set the bed to be about 2mm off. I am using 3-point instead of mesh because mesh does not extrapolate and I didn’t know that prior to buildings and I did not want to loose 20mm of ‘X’ build area. I have a CoreXY machine.

my gcode script is:
;G1 Z10 ; Lower the Bed a bit just in case
G28 X Y ; return to refference position for x and y
G1 X0 Y0 ; linear move
M280 S3.0 ; servo extend
G32 ; prode bed
G1 X0 Y0 F6000 ; linear Move to 00
G30 Z0 ; Set Nozzle Offset from Probe and sets zmin
M280 S7.0 ; servo retract
M280 S10.6 ; servo reset

and the config file looks like:
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point1 150.0,20.0
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point2 280.0,280.0
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point3 20.0,280.0
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.home_first true
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.tolerance 0.03
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.probe_offsets 21,0,0
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.save_plane true

I would include the whole file but the collapsible code thing registers as a link and I am a 1st time poster.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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