3 new Cayenn devices ready to add to my 3040 CNC machine.

3 new Cayenn devices ready to add to my 3040 CNC machine.

Damn this gets so many wheels in my head turning

Me too. I want to next create my Dispenser Cayenn device to control a syringe auger, with linear slide to lower down to working surface. I want to then create a Pick and Place Cayenn device to control air flow for suction, rotation via stepper, and a linear slide to lower down to working surface. I need another Cayenn device to turn on a UV high power LED to do curing of UV fluids. Etc, etc.

Blog post on the code for the Laser 3A driver. http://chilipeppr2.blogspot.com/2017/01/latest-lua-code-for-laser-cayenn-device.html

Why do you keep it all so separate? Couldn’t they all be implemented on one board?

I want to make these modular, like rack mount units, so I can keep adding one at a time. As it is the form factor slides into a 5.25" drive bay in a PC case. The Cayenn devices connect to the ATX power supply because they need 12, 5, and 3.3v just like typical PC components. The long deep layout seemingly works well for the 3 devices I’ve created thus far.

@jlauer ​ I was thinking on a setup like yours cnc 3040 or perhaps the 6040, do you have any recommendations on the aliexpress seller, or other points?
I’m guessing you bought it via aliexpress or similar.

It’s very smart John, is there enough io on one nodemcu to control the whole lot? Is it to enable others to build them the same but only use part they need? I guess at 3 dollars each it doesn’t matter. :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t want to control too much with one $3 NodeMCU because you need real-time control and the more your $3 device is doing, the more it can’t be real-time. It’s just so cheap, and so easy to communicate with, it changes the way you think about your devices and how you write the software. As it stands, my 3A Laser driver is $3 for NodeMCU, $9 for driver, $2 for INA219 current sensor, $0.50 for relay, $0.30 for ws2812b LEDs. I have a full Wifi laser driver with 4MB of flash memory for $16.

And yes the design model here is to let folks decide which components they need and just make those or possibly buy them