3 in 1 Laser Project Database (can be used with CNC too.)

Made with Filemaker Pro.

This is setup by a Glowforge user so you will see that as the basis for this database. It can be modified for your own needs.

From the creator

I created a 3 in 1 database that makes keeping track of Projects, Resources and Materials a lot easier.

TheProject part consists of:
Project Name, Date,Completion Time, Source, Tags, Location, Setting Notes
And WEB Addresses for Project,Maker,Video and Instructions.
Up to 9 settings can be made for Materials, Function, Speed, Power, Passes and LPI .

The Resource part consists of
Resource Name, WEB Address and Resource Type

The Materials part consists of
Material Name, Size, Count, Cost, Source, Location. Date and WEB Address

I populated the Resource section with 155 useful for laser cutting resources
that I have collected over the years…
There is also a small Users Guide (LaserCut.pdf) in the LaserCut folder.

You should be able to download the LaserCut-MAC and LaserCut-PC apps
From the Dropbox links below.

To run the database, Unzip and run the LaserCut app in the LaserCut folder.
(The PC version works great. The MAC version may have a problem finding
the LaserCut file. If it does, try double clicking on the LaserCut.fmp12 file.)