2kg PLA spools:  Anyone have a recommended seller?

2kg PLA spools: Anyone have a recommended seller? My new bot can easily eat more than a whole 1kg spool in one print, and I don’t want to have to deal with swapping. Thanks!

PushPlastic does a few colors in 2 or 3kg reels and you can ask the owner of PrintedSolid about getting ColorFabb filament in larger than the 750g reels that are standard.

You could also get a filament sensor setup, depending on what your printer is and how “hackable” it is.

Thanks, I’ll check that out. I’m running Marlin on a Rumba board, so hackable it is. Right now I’m just trying to print, rather than ‘keep tinkering with printer’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, this could be an additional measure to prevent a ruined print if filament does run out - and it eventually will. Just a roller micro switch wired to an empty pin and a few config lines in the new Marlin (dev not release). It’ll pause the print and move to the corner when the roller switch is no longer being depressed by present filament.

Any documentation on how to implement this. a micro switch on my extruder would be a breeze to add

@Ashley_Webster : 20lb spools? That sounds gigantic. Is that special order? I checked their page and didn’t find anything over 1kg.

Great info, thanks.


@adam_paul : oooh, thanks :slight_smile: