2880 GBP. owch

2880 GBP. owch

Quite heavy for a retrofittet desktop mill. :wink:
Must be all these callories.

I’m pretty sure most of the cost is in ensuring that it’s rated as food-safe. You wouldn’t want gear oil mixing in the chocolates…

heavy=weight in pound. It was a joke.

It’s not my fault the Brits insist on confusing weight with cost.

Oh now i get it. The first time i read it i genuinely believed it weighed 1300kg. facepalm.
There’s a reason i prefer to write GBP.

@Craig_Trader does it say that it’s food safe? I couldn’t find a paragraph where they confirmed it. Their text can just as well be interpreted in a way that makes this a machine for non-edible decorative printing.

@saul_griffith made a LEGO-based chocolate printer a while back, and his masters’ thesis, available online, has some information on it. If you didn’t need a huge build platform, that’s a fairly attractive way of doing it. (If you already have lots of LEGO bricks, otherwise it’ll probably be even more expensive than this.)

Per https://chocedge.com/choc-creator-v1.php “Choc Printer comes with CE marking to assure the quality, safety and acceptability for chocolate processing.”

Well, the CE mark is more of a it won’t make the neighbor’s PC go wild kind of mark. It’s somewhat similar to the US’ FCC marking and is legally required for almost any product that is sold within the European union.
It’s the fact that they never explicitly say edible or food safe in their brochure that scares me a bit.

@Thomas_Sanladerer Sorry I couldn’t remember GBP at the time and was too lazy to look it up. :slight_smile:

And considering it looks like a repurposed zen toolworks mill I would say that price is a little high.