200mm/s no Z break in

200mm/s no Z break in

Looking good. What is the clicking noise I hear when traveling away from the camera? Sounds like maybe the cabling catching, or a belt rubbing?

Somehow I managed to miss the flat on my Y motor spindle and the toothed gear was slipping. took me a while to find it because as soon as I would look for it it would stop doing it until I looked away :grimacing:

After a while at 200mm/s it got loose enough that it was obvious…

Reset the gear and went around and checked all the motors and grub screws on the drive train and it’s all good now!

Should be getting to a print in a day or two…

Don’t skip the break in step :wink:

Oh, and what are you using for homing? Right now I’m at 40,40, and 10. I had Z at 15, and it ran fine, just seemed scary fast!