2 quick little ChiliPeppr questions...

2 quick little ChiliPeppr questions…
Ok, I’m working on a mac and I can’t seem to use the control-jog feature - I can see the pointer moving but the machine doesn’t actually jog without me using the tools on the right.
Second, I can’t seem to pan on the screen only orbit and zoom… is there a trick I’m missing? I mostly want to do this to see the dimensions listed in the corner (which as a newb… I love) Is there any other way to find the dimensions without having to zoom in on that?

Colleen, could you help me better understand how it’s not working on the Mac? Could you possibly post a video of what’s not working?

@Jarret_Luft I do have it set for two finger right click but somehow… no go… on my newer macbook, I can control-click-drag and get pan…but unfortunately that’s not the comp. I have at the bench… I think just getting the mouse might do the trick - I’ll try tomorrow. @jlauer here is a little vid showing what’s up with the jog - I didn’t have the machine on but it looks pretty much the same… no change with ctrl drag - only with selecting the xyz+/- buttons. - tried alt and command as well - no go.

I’ll have to fix the ctrl+click for Mac users. The problem with Alt is that the moment you hit that key on the PC you get pulldown menus being revealed by the browser, so it won’t work. I’d have to detect Mac vs PC or pick a key that works on Mac only that doesn’t mess up the PC. @Jarret_Luft what about the Apple key? Could I use that? If so, what’s the keycode Javascript will get me on a keydown/keyup event?

“The check for Cmd in mac is event.metaKey. Option is event.altKey. Ctrl is event.ctrlKey.”

On OS X, “Control-Click” maps to right-click. This is a hold over from when macs didn’t have two mouse buttons.

Yay! cross platform programming! :wink: