2 parts snapped on my reprap portabee ...

2 parts snapped on my reprap portabee …
so now i need to extend the stepper motor wires and fix these two support of the x axis before I can print something
it’s not all plain sailing , that’s for sure

PLA parts weld together with a blue-flame lighter or heat gun etc.

I found a good way of fixing parts temporarily while I printed new ones was to wrap them up (or even hand-squish complete replacements) in soft Polymorph/Shapelock/Friendly Plastic with strategic bits of strengthening coat hanger wire where necessary. When it cools it’s really solid stuff, and yet you can rearrange it by warming it with a hair dryer.

Also soldering iron. On more than just a few occasions I’ve repaired cracked seams by using a large flat tip on a soldering iron and a clamp.

Not my soldering iron you don’t! :slight_smile: Yeah, that works too. Great for pushing in awkward nuts and bolts with too.

As for ABS, mix some ABS scraps with acetone and you can solvent-weld the parts back together, making them stronger than ever.

Thanks , I will give it a go .