2.5w laser in 3018 cnc machine

I have 2.5w laser in 3018 cnc machine
I want to update laser and control board with

xTool D1 Pro Laser 20W

Is it possible or not

(In the Same aluminum channel frame)

Experts reply please

I bought a pair of these $80 lasers from Amazon last year and put a NEJE 40630 laser on one of the pair, left one is stock…

I had to make the mounting plate, most of these have no standard mounting. And the control board couldn’t provide the current for the new module, so I have the board on the right being where power for the laser is connected…

I’m sure you can upgrade the laser/control board, but that 90% of the machine… ?

Don’t bet on it being a plug and play operation.

Good luck


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