1mm extruder tip, 0.8mm layer height. 300mm long chord.

(André Roy) #1

1mm extruder tip, 0.8mm layer height. 300mm long chord. Tight traces are problematic, had material pile up due to the thin trailing edge. Using Slic3r. Anyone here ever use such tall layers?

(Ryan Carlyle) #2

Looks to me like you need way more print cooling. Tall layers are harder to cool.

(Brook Drumm) #3

If that’s the wing, I’ve thought about adding a small hollow cylinder on the trailing edge to hack the piling up problem. But you would have to cut it off after.

(Ryan Carlyle) #4

Another thing to consider is printing with firmware that has a working advance algorithm, like Sailfish :slight_smile: (hint: Marlin and Repetier don’t have working advance algorithms)

(Daniel Norée) #5

I’ve done 1mm layers with great result but there where no sharp corners like the one in your pic though.

(Klaus Daume) #6

I would try to reduce acceleration and jerk a bid that the corner gets some more time to bond and a much stronger cooling than with layers like .2mm is mandatory.

(André Roy) #7

Thanks for the tips, Will work these into my next print. I’m also going to slow down the print speed.

I think this means that a minimum thickness limit should be accounted for in the H-1 design.

(André Roy) #8

That leading edge in the scaled down STL I was printing was 0.6mm thick.

(André Roy) #9

Doh, my 1mm tip is on the 3rd extruder. Slic3r didn’t catch that the print would cause the head to hit the endstops. The blobs are caused by the extruder hitting up against the endstops but the extruder kept going. Getting much better results after correcting for this…

(Brook Drumm) #10

Great! Do you have a recent pic with better results?

(Brook Drumm) #11

Three extruders! That’s got to be a small club :wink: I didn’t sell too many of those- it’s a lot to handle

(André Roy) #12

Still printing, but I’ll post up a new one after I run out of filament on my roll and have to stop the print. Running at 20mm/s. Will go faster than this next time. How fast were you running yous?

(André Roy) #13

Still going, but here is a pic: https://plus.google.com/+AndréRoy506/posts/hPds88h35nz

(André Roy) #14

This type of construction (printed skin) is too heavy IMO, this small wing section alone is over 400g.

(Brook Drumm) #15

I have a sponsor for filament for our H1 project!! PLA++ from breathe3d