1989 Batmobile STL files Hi,

(Hector N Gama) #1

1989 Batmobile STL files
Hi, my apologize if you get this e-mail more then once.

A: The files are meant to be 3D Printed at one size only, any change of scale and some detail might be lost.
B: If possible, send me progress pictures as I’m interested in how it come out on your 3D Printer.
C: Although I can not stop you from selling the files, please don’t.

link to download file from Google drive:

Best regards!

D: Please confirm you were able to download the file(s) so I can verified the problem.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

I can’t print this without scaling it, unfortunately. It looks sweet though. The old school bat-mobile. Not that stupid new one with off road tires.

(Jeff Parish) #3

Nicely done sectioning of the model. Looks like I could print all the parts on my big printer. At 30" long assembled that is one big model.