$170 Black friday deal (Tramming optional)

$170 Black friday deal (Tramming optional)


#YoureGonnaHaveABadTime https://www.banggood.com/Tevo-Standard-Tarantula-Prusa-I3-DIY-3D-Printer-Kit-200x200x200mm-Printing-Size-175mm-04mm-Nozzle-p-1186275.html?utm_design=13&utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=Mail_17BF14_email&utm_campaign=newsletter-emarsys&utm_content=Misue&sc_src=email_2704147&sc_eh=262759ea104cb9101&sc_llid=986876&sc_lid=105943305&sc_uid=8R9nRfo9QJ

Coupon: molrctt

No link?

The Tevo Can be a decent printer but it lacks a lot of stuff. Your controller just sits there unless you design (or find) a mount, the wires are a mess, the bed wobbles, the clear plexiglass looks like a mess and it only has a single Z axis motor which can make your Z height inaccurate. There are other issues as well but if you fix them, this is supposed to be a decent printer.

So…pretty much fix everything that’s important? :smiley:

@Mike_Miller I understand the box it comes in is quite useful.

The community is vibrant and active. Its print quality is directly comparable to a Prusa. They are very well received. The single Z motor does not cause issues. But because the axis hangs it can cause issues if not properly built. Basically every complaint leveled against these printers are actually because people don’t build them properly. Or refuse to print a few hours worth of upgrades.

The printers are not for everyone because they must be assembled. It’s a project in of themselves to build one. There are tons of designs for controller mounts. It’s as simple as downloading, slicing, and printing. All of which are skills you need to learn. It is true that people frequently print parts to further upgrade the machine. Which in turn allows for more rapids and faster prints.

It’s very incorrect to state these machines have accuracy issues - assuming the builder did their job. If these machines have accuracy issues, then so does Prusa. Prints are comparable.

These machines target the DIY builder (on a budget). If that’s not you, Tevo printers are not for you. But that’s not the same thing as implying they are unfit or inaccurate. That’s flatly wrong. If you know someone who says these printers are inaccurate, you know someone who refuses to accept responsibility for their own shoddy work.

There are other legitimate complaints which can be leveled. If you are a DIY guy and don’t want to spend much to get a toe in the water, these are good intro kits. You need to know how to properly construct kits. You need to know how to flash firmware. You need to understand basic wiring.

If you check youtube you can find tons of videos on construction. The printers universally get a thumbs up for print quality. But that doesn’t mean they are a high end printer nor does it mean it’s the be-all in 3d printers. There are better options which require less skill and time to assemble. But they cost more.

Oh, tevo, the company that tries to bribe reviewers. https://m.all3dp.com/3d-printing-community-angry-tevo/

This printer seems not to have a single right angle, but maybe it is just an unflattering picture.

join r/tevotarantula , got some good info over there