.15mm is my new favorite layer height.

.15mm is my new favorite layer height.

Originally shared by Diego Porqueras (Deezmaker)

Printing some cool demo stuff finally.

Wow looks lovely.

0.15 sure is nice! Cant wait for you to join the 0.05 club, though :slight_smile: Overkill for most, but it sure is a fun challenge.

We’ve printed .05 several times.

Awesome! We’ve had a few customers inquire about 0.02, any luck with that? We haven’t tested that low.

We haven’t tried it, but I’ve been meaning to set a machine to print something finer. At this point, E axis resolution is real limiting factor (other than time, of course).

0.15 is my layer height of choice as well. Thanks for the tip of doing infill every two layers on that, the newer slic3rs handle it remarkably well.

@Maker_s_Tool_Works , 0.02mm layers is overkill, IMO.

Once you get down to about 0.05mm, I don’t think smaller layers buys you anything (visual, tactile) but longer prints…

@Dave_Durant That was pretty much my impression from inspecting .05 prints as well.

You won’t know until you try! :slight_smile: