100 square picture frames advice

I am looking for some project advice, and advice in general

I started a project where I generate a new imaginary bird using machine learning once a day. The photos and description of the birds are posted to social media as well as to my website Flocking AI - A Blue Star you can read more about this project in this post (2022) Flocking AI - A Blue Star The project has been running for about ~45 days now and is getting a good number of interactions.

I have an art show in 2 months (Eastside Culture crawl) where I am going to show off this project. By the time the event happens I will have published 100x birds (3 months’ worth) to social media.

Question 1 - Print size
The images are square, currently at 6”x6” print quality with 300dpi. I can use AI upscalers to increase the size to whatever is needed without losing quality.

:point_right: What size should I make the prints?

If the prints remain square, I was thinking of one of these sizes (8x8 or 5x5 or 4x4). What do you recommend?

If I add the name of the bird to the bottom of the print, I could use a more standard size (A4-8.5x11, 5x7, 4x6). The prints become considerably cheaper if they are a standard size. 50% cheaper.

I would really like to keep the size of the prints square if possible.

Question 2 - Making frames
I would like to frame one of each of the 100 bird photos. Finding that number of square frames at a reasonable price has been difficult.

If I use a standard size 5x7 I can get the frames from Ikea “RIBBA with matting” 5x7 for $3.99 each. Alternatively, the Dollarama (dollar store) has nice simple 5x7 wooden frames for $2.99 each.

Although using a standard size frame would make my life much easier, if it is possible, I would really like to keep the frames square.

I was considering making my own square frames. I have never made picture frames before.

Doing a little research online I found this tutorial on “How to make a Frame Jig” Precision Picture Frame Jig | DIY Plans - YouTube and a subsequent video of him using this jig to “Making 141 Picture Frames” Making 141 Picture Frames - YouTube

It looks like a lot of work but rewarding work.

:point_right: What advice would you give me before making 100 photo frames?


A square frame is great for just the bird pics but a portrait configuration of a rectangular(stock) frame would allow for the bird name and/or description below along with the artists name.
But I could also see having just a wall of framed birds.

For display, another option might be to have a large sheet created with an array of maybe 20 birds and then make a custom frame similar to how a multi-pained window is made. It would be custom but you’d only need 5 of them and they’d pack, ship and hang easier than 100 individual frames.

Cool use and implementation of AI!

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